Massage Testimonials

A great big THANK YOU to all my amazing clients who so generously provided the following testemonials!

--Sara, LMT



"Sara gives a great massage!"

"I have been to several good therapists, but Sara is one of the best! She listens intently to my concerns and is always very sincere and caring in her treatments."

--Geri F.

"Sara personalizes each massage."

"Her intuitive fingers detect and soothe those tension spots I didn’t know existed.  I go to Sara because of her attention to my body whether it be a floor massage that energizes me or a table massage for relaxation. Her knowledge about a variety of methods to meet my needs makes her my number one choice for a massage."

--Jane G.

"She has got the best hands in town."

"Sara does a superb job as a massage therapist.  She has got the best hands in town.  If the client has a specific ache or tension, she’ll find the problem and work the muscles until the pain is gone!  She’s the best!!!!!"

--Deborah G.

"...a pain in my neck that I had had for 2 weeks was totally gone within 36 hours..."

"I have gone to Sarah for almost 2 years ! I have had the MyoKinesthetic Session and a pain in my neck that I had had for 2 weeks was totally gone within 36 hours, after just 1 visit! I have also received the regular massages and the hot stone massages both are excellent! You really feel relaxed when through. Sarah always does a thorough job! I would recommend her to everyone with aches and pains or just looking to relax!"

--Vicky R.

"...Sara starts with her magic healing hands."

 "Getting out of bed was more than the usual struggle. Muscles ache, joints protest and my shoulders are trying to pinch my neck off my body. My mood is dour, along the line of kill, cook and eat with maybe the cook part left out. A short time later I lay my pain racked, stress packed, body on the massage table and Sara starts with her magic healing hands. Knots in muscles disappear, stress drains out and after a way too short hour I arise feeling like I am in Nirvana; the world is bright and beautiful and life is again worth the struggle. My mood is so friendly I will eat a normal breakfast in the café. Nothing relieves stress, aches and pains and improves your outlook on life like the healing touch of Sara’s magic hands."

--Paul B.

"She really does have magic fingers..."

"I have gone to Sara for over 4 years every month for my massage.  She really does have magic fingers and has really helped me.  I have chronic lower back pain and she has helped me with my pain on that.  I so look forward to my monthly massage and it is well worth every penny.  I think it helps me keep my general health in balance.  I sincerely thank Sara for taking care of me."  

--Julie D.

"Knows her stuff!"

"Sara is one of the best massage therapist's I've been to.  Knows her stuff!"
--Bobbie M.

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