Find Out More About Techniques I Offer and People I Learned From!

ThetaHealing Technique

MyoKinesthetic System

Thai Massage

Other Massage Therapists in the Area Whom I recommend

Looking for  something I don't Offer? Or just can't find a time on my schedule that works for you? Try one of these awesome practitioners!

Gordon Hitchcock - Certified Medical Massage Therapist

Ilona Holland - Also Offers Reiki and Relaxation Therapy

Kristi Moore (402) 214-5645 - Also Offers Cupping Therapy

Laura Offerman - Also Offers Spa Treatments

Other Local Businesses I Love!

Annie O. - Body Waxing

Soul Elevations - Yoga, Meditation and more

First Row Fitness - Awesome Fitness Classes and Personal Training

Oobagana - Great Locally Made All Natural Products

Ted & Wally's - Super Yummy and Unique Icecream